Two legendary forces in new music come together on stage for their first-ever collaboration. Landfall is a collection of works composed on hyper violin and adapted to the string quartet. Like a series of short stories, the pieces are linked by passages inspired by weather — roaring, all enveloping and atmospheric.

Extending the range of the violin has always been Anderson’s goal as a musician and composer. For Landfall, she has designed software that brings the harmonics and overtones up off the noise floor creating an instrument that breathes in a completely new way. The Kronos Quartet has adapted and built on this musical language so that electronics and traditional strings sing together.

Laurie Anderson is one of America’s most daring creative pioneers, recognized worldwide for the singular marriage of technology and humanity in her work — alternately playing the roles of composer, poet, filmmaker, singer and visual artist.

The visionary string ensemble Kronos Quartet marked their 40th anniversary in 2013, having journeyed with countless audiences through a repertoire that spans the globe and ranges from early music to more than 750 contemporary works commissioned by or for Kronos.

Dreamlike...and almost ritualistic. A riveting, gorgeous new multimedia work.

The Washington Post