KAGEMI – Beyond the Metaphors of Mirrors

The Kage of Kagemi is shadow

The light of contrast, the image in the mirror of water’s surface

The mi is seeing and being seen

Some say Kagemi is the ancient origin of “mirror” (kagemi)

In light, the surface that reflects and is reflected, looked into and looking back

Surface beginning in the horizontal water plane and transforming to the perpendicular face

From an ambiguous and transient state to one clearly outlined

The right hand asks, the left hand answers

Once an imaginary sur-face is defined

– Ushio Amagatsu


Ⅰ   Wind in the water depths

Ⅱ   MANEBI – two mirrors

Ⅲ   Echoings of gaze and return gaze

Ⅳ   In the light by the waterside

Ⅴ   Infinite dialogue

Ⅵ   Empty / Full

Ⅶ   CHIRAL / ACHIRAL, Agitation and Sedimentation

Each movement is a work of art.

Aftonbladet (Sweden)