HIBIKI — Resonance from Far Away

Hibiki — Resonance from Far Away (1999) for which Ushio Amagatsu won a Lawrence Olivier Award for Outstanding Dance Production, represents the extremely subtle and masterful work for which Sankai Juku is known throughout the world. Hibiki has been particularly acclaimed for the solo sections created for this work. Pomegranate Arts produced the seven-city North American tour of this important work in 2010. Hibiki was co-commissioned by University of Iowa, Hancher Auditorium, the first US presenter to commission a new work by Ushio Amagatsu.

A luminous rite — slow, enigmatic, beautiful!

The Village Voice

HIBIKI — Resonance from Far Away

Walking like a single form,
Fixing eyes straight forward,
Two people walk slowly,
Each like the other, their destination shared,
Together, they need no sign to stop or start;
They may be more than two,
They may travel at speed,
It is the same.
Understanding not of words,
A resonance in fact,
Through a dialogue of consciousness.

Resonance springs from tension,
This tension from collision,
Two tense bodies hit.
But if one loosens, so; the other,
And the resonance disappears.

Some say that ontogeny resemble phylogeny.
An embryo, one month after conception, will change
From ichthyic to amphibian,
Reptile to mammal.
This million year drama,
Emerging upon the shores of the
Paleozoic era,
Is enacted by an embryo
Within a matter of days.
The sound of blood circulating inside a mother’s womb
Is like the motion of the waves,
It is the primal Resonance which arrives to us.

Ushio Amagatsu