Dan Zanes Holiday House Party

Warm up the winter holidays with Grammy Award® winner Dan Zanes and his friends from near and far for a celebration of the season. When Dan invites his friends over for a jam session, a traditional Christmas carol becomes a terrific excuse to tap dance, Arabic beats provide the backdrop for a Lunar New Year sing-a-long, and the stage erupts with disco Hanukah songs and irresistible Mexican rhythms. No matter what instrument he plays, be it banjo, cuatro or electric guitar, Dan has a magical knack for making kids and parents smile and sing together, tickling everyone’s musical taste buds like no other. Join us for this fun and festive 21st century family concert!

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It feels natural to get up and groove, and Zanes encourages everyone to do just that.

Time Out New York

Dan Zanes Holiday House Party

Imagine if you will, a December afternoon in my Brooklyn home...
My band and I have made a plan to play for awhile, and a group of musical friends drop by to say hello. A sudden storm turns a quick visit into a full blown jam session. How did I, a WASP from New Hampshire, end up in this wild
situation with Mexican, Jewish, Arabic, English and Korean songs not to mention Tap Dancing shaking the rafters? It’s the 21st century! We are all celebrating the holidays together this year, and I hope that you can squeeze into the living room to sing and dance with us.

Love Dan