Bark of Millions

Bark of Millions (a new hybrid work by Taylor Mac, Matt Ray, and an international ensemble of performers) is a rock opera meditation on queerness. Epic in scale, it features 55 original songs (one song per year since the Stonewall uprising) inspired by various queer antecedents throughout world history.

To the ancient Egyptians creation was considered an “unfurling of the undivided”. Bark of Millions is a response to this from a queer lens. In the work we ask: what is the core of queerness and the various ways of its dissemination? In the broken and often oppressive history we’ve inherited, how have queer people been our own creation? What are we unfurling from? Our goals are not to find, necessarily, but rather to seek through music, dance, poetry, consideration, and communion.

Bark of Millions is currently in development and plans to premiere globally in the fall of 2023.

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"So much of our culture and our history as queer people, as trans people, as people who have been pushed to the margins gets silenced and erased and hidden. There are all these lost threads throughout history. This show, like some sort of beautiful messy tapestry, is finding all those threads and reclaiming them and putting them back together and telling the story of our lineage."

Mama Alto, Melbourne, VIC Bark of Millions Ensemble

Bark of Millions