The underworld’s favorite cabaret act, The Tiger Lillies are led by the bizarre and beautiful falsetto of Martyn Jacques, whose voice has been described as Tom Waits on helium. The music is a startling mixture of Kurt Weil, Bertholt Brecht, gypsy laments and French chanson. The Tiger Lillies’ tales of the dark side luridly detail the surreal misfortunes of grifters, pimps, hookers, junkies, and losers in decidedly bent-and peculiarly delightful-songs laced with black humor. The music of Martyn Jacques and The Tiger Lillies is featured in Shockheaded Peter, a music theater work based on the Struwwelpeter Tales by Heinrich Hoffman, directed by Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch. More information on the Tiger Lillies, can be found on their website:

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