Florence To

Artist and director Florence To designs and produces sound and light installations, creating generative motion graphics with a focus on architectural spatial design in site-specific projects. The Scottish-born Hong Kong artist, originally specialising in textiles and tailoring, merged her skills with digital technologies in 2011 to develop installations in underground and disused spaces, using their defects as an advantage. Through working in various disparate architectural environments, she guided her process further into exploring the effects of cognitive and emotional triggers and how different sensory arrangements are experienced within space.

To uses information in relation to vibrations, including psychoacoustics and understanding of computational methods, to visualize the process in her work. She has completed residencies at The Spatialization and Auditory Display Environment [SpADE] in Limerick, as well as commissioned works and workshops with Berliner Festpiele, STRP Eindhoven, and LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijon which was supported by the European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation [ENCAC]. In 2019, she collaborated with the Photonics group at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory in Portugal to investigate the science of light detection, generation, and manipulation, as well as how wavelength propagation processes can help humans rationalize the behavior of their internal optics.